Who Will Win Celebrity Big Brother 2017?

As is always the case, as soon as the first initial set of contestants enter the Celebrity Big Brother house over in the UK, many different betting sites, Sportsbooks and bookmakers open up their betting markets on that reality TV show! As such, we have found that if you do have a personal favourite “celebrity” […]

Microgaming to Launch Rabcat’s Castle Builder ll Slot

Every now and then Microgaming launch a slot game that has been designed by a company not owned or operated by themselves, and on Wednesday 19 July 2017 the Castle Builder II slot will be going live on their mobile gaming platform, and both their instant play and fully downloadable gaming platforms too. What makes […]

Good News for the Cast of Eastenders

As an actor/musician/singer dancer/hairdresser/wig maker/ general dogs body/gofer (go for this, go for that!), there is one thing everyone on the stage hates, and that is the wrath of the Director or the Stage Manager. Like seriously, you do not cross the stage manager or the Director. You can have creative differences, and 9 times […]