Malignaggi Believes McGregor Can Last 12 Rounds Against Mayweather

Conor McGregor is sparring with former two time boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi as he prepares to take on Floyd Mayweather on August 26 and hand Mayweather his first defeat in the ring. When the ‘money fight’ was announced, the betting odds were hugely in favor of Mayweather who has a 49-0 record. Odds Keep Changing […]

Who Will Win Celebrity Big Brother 2017?

As is always the case, as soon as the first initial set of contestants enter the Celebrity Big Brother house over in the UK, many different betting sites, Sportsbooks and bookmakers open up their betting markets on that reality TV show! As such, we have found that if you do have a personal favourite “celebrity” […]

Roulette Royale the First Online Progressive Roulette Game

You will find quite a number of different roulette games online, some are standard variants, some offer bonus bets and a handful of them also give you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot. However, it was Microgaming that launched the world’s first progressive online roulette game quite a number of years ago, and that […]

Increase in Players Playing Video Poker Games Online

There are many different forms of gambling that you are partake in when you are online, however it does have to be said that today’s gamblers are becoming a much more savvier bunch! With them being able to research all manner of different gambling related facts and figures instantly online, they are able to spot […]