It’s True Exercise Improves Your Mental Health!

We’ve known for years that exercise releases endorphins, and these help combat stress, but regular exercise could help your memory too. Researchers have found the stress boosting chemicals your body releases when stressed could help you retain information easier. What happens is when we are under prolonged or high amounts of stress, is the chemicals […]

How to Choose Your Beef – But Not literally!

I love that saying, when someone says they have ‘beef’ with someone. It’s so nonsensical it’s laughable. However, as we’re coming up to Valentine’s Day, the sales of meats go up quite dramatically as we attempt to woo our significant other. And thanks to the rise of mass produced meats, and a lack of education, […]

Victoria Beckham is in a Little Hot Water

Victoria Beckham has been slammed on social media for using a very slim model for her latest eye-wear range. Unfortunately, the backlash has come from parents complaining that the model used is the reason for their daughters thinking they have to be stick thin. Now, although I don’t condone the use of unrealistic models, I […]