Health Tourists Crippling the UK NHS

An unnamed, ungendered, non EU-Citizen has managed to rack up and astonishing £532,000 bill after visiting University Hospital, Manchester. The astonishing fee is inconsistent however, because there is only one drug in the world that would come close to this amount, which is Soliris, which tallies up per patient at £330,000 per year. Essentially this […]

Depression: It’s Very Real and Very Dangerous

My sister won’t mind me saying, she is depressed. Not greatly upset, or suffering from Seasonal Affective Depression. But actually depressed. After 3 kids, all of which have led to a bout of Post Natal Depression (thanks hormones). This is the real deal. She’s literally given up on living, simply existing. She wakes up, gets […]

No Ladies and Gentlemen, Meat is NOT Going to Give You Cancer!

What would you do if I told you Eggs, Flour, Milk, Sugar, even tap water was going to give you cancer? You’d probably scoff, roll your eyes and say ‘Yeah, right’. But this is what we are being told off the Veganazi’s. It’s all well and good that vegans wish to eat a plant based […]