Lose weight if you want to find work, government urges jobless

Jobcentre staff should tell overweight clients to go to slimming clinics, according to a new government report. A study has found that firms do not want to employ people who are obese. In a review, written by Professor Dame Carol Black, there are warnings that obese people, particularly women, are facing discrimination from potential employers, […]

Measles Case In California On The Rise

Measles Outbreak At Disneyland Responsible For 52 Cases On Wednesday, the California health officials gave dire news that the state has already reported 79 confirmed measles cases. The California Department of Public Health website further said that of all the 79 cases, 52 have been linked to the measles outbreak that was seen at Disneyland. […]

The 3 sports we should be doing to cut our risk of death

We all know we ought to be eating healthily and exercising more if we want to improving our chances of living longer. But, it now appears that some forms of exercise might be better than others when it comes to increasing our longevity. Latest research has suggested that exercise could reduce the risk of death […]

Asleep in 60 seconds: The breathing technique to help you nod off

Anyone who has trouble sleeping knowns how frustrating it is trying to drift off, only for your brain to refuse to swtch off. However, a medic has now revealed a breathing technique which he says is far more effective than counting sheep. Dr Andrew Weill, from Arizona, has developed the 4-7-8 method, which he says […]

Thai King Receives Condolences from Russian Leader

The Security Council and U.N. General Assembly stood in tribute of Bhumibol, the king of Thailand. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon viewed Bhumibol as being a “unifying national leader” that was internationally respected. In the beginning of the Thursday meeting, the assembly was asked to stand by the assembly’s president, Peter Thompson, for a moment of silence. […]