Thai King Receives Condolences from Russian Leader

The Security Council and U.N. General Assembly stood in tribute of Bhumibol, the king of Thailand. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon viewed Bhumibol as being a “unifying national leader” that was internationally respected. In the beginning of the Thursday meeting, the assembly was asked to stand by the assembly’s president, Peter Thompson, for a moment of silence. […]

Amazon Shoppers Prepare for Amazon Music Unlimited

After constant rumors about the launch for streaming music, Amazon confirmed the rumors with its recent announcement. The service that the online media giant is now offering is called Amazon Music Unlimited. The on-demand music streaming services allow users to listen to millions upon millions of songs, at a reasonable price ($7.99/month). This $7.99 monthly […]

Cars crushed against car park ceiling in London flooding

Thousands of pounds of damage has been caused to cars crushed against the ceiling in flooding in London. Vehicles were damaged and families were left without water after a water pipe burst in Crayford, South East London. Cars in an underground car park rose up and pressed against the ceiling when polystyrene insulation in the […]

Will Birth of a Nation be a Nominee?

The controversial new movie is struggling to achieve its honors at the next annual Oscars. Before its release, the slavery film’s chances of winning best picture were 11-to-1. According to, the movie’s odds are right around 22-to-1, after the first weekend of Birth of a Nation. The potential winners’ list on the popular website […]

Online Media is sued by Kardashian

For the first time, Kim Kardashian-West’s robbery has been publicly addressed by the Kardashian-Jenner family. After feeling wrongly treated and portrayed as being a thief and a liar, Kim Kardashian filed a lawsuit against an online media outlet. This lawsuit follows an incident in Paris that happen last week, where Kardashian was robbed of her […]