If Asteroid Had Hit 30 Seconds Later the Dinosaurs May Not Have Been Wiped Out!

It has been suggested that if the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago had hit the planet 30 seconds later or 30 seconds earlier then the dinosaurs may not have been wiped out, and that asteroid hit would not have caused the worldwide devastation that it did. That is the claim […]

Americans told to batten down the hatches as Hurricane Matthew death toll continues to rise

Deadly Hurricane Matthew has been described as the “most dangerous storm in living history” as the death toll now stands at more than 800. The devastating storm has left more than 800 people dead and tens of thousands homeless as it rampaged across Haiti before heading for the US. US President Barack Obama urged people […]

Acting U.S Attorney General Sally Yates Sacked by Trump

President Donald Trump has sacked acting U.S attorney general for “betraying” the justice department by refusing to enforce a legal order that was implemented to protect the citizens of America. Yates had written to lawyers in the Justice Department instructing them not to enforce Trump’s executive order that bans refugees and nationals from certain Middle […]

University of Toronto Preserves Environmental Data in Preparation for Trump Presidency

Researchers at the University of Toronto fear that publicly accessible environmental data could disappear under a Trump presidency, and so are taking the time to preserve them. On Saturday, University of Toronto, is hosting an archiving event called “guerilla archiving” in order to find and save publically accessible data posted by the Environmental Protection Agency. […]

SpaceX Postpones Manned Dragon Capsule

SpaceX has formally announced they will postpone their manned Dragon Capsule vehicle, which was designed to transport NASA astronauts back and to the International Space Station. Decision This decision came after the unprecedented explosion that occurred in Falcon-9 rocket as it was being fueled on September 1st. The manned vehicle was set to leave in […]

Mysterious Pair of Mummified Knees Finally Has an Owner!

The tomb of Queen Nefertari was discovered plundered in the valley of the Queens in 1904, by a team of Italian archaeologist. Interestingly, they reported that a set of mummified knees found inside the tomb should belong to Nefertari who died in her early forties. Queen Nefertari, the wife of Pharoah Ramses II, was the […]

Skull Discovery in Israel Sheds New Light on Human Evolution

A team of anthropologists has come out with its findings on skull fossil discovered in Israel in 2008. Dating back 55,000 years, the remains of a skull found in a cave shed new light on not only human migration but evolution as well. The conclusions of the study were published in the prestigious journal Nature […]

An Inaccurate Number of Galaxies Exist in the Universe

One of the most accurate census for galaxies was recently achieved by astronomers that used various observatories, such as the Hubble Space telescope. The recent calculation of galaxies is insanely higher than our previous calculation. On the side of the earth, where you can visibly view the universe, there are 10-20 times more galaxies than […]

The U.S. Keeps Their Eyes on Mars

A renewed call to have American astronauts visit Mars was published in an essay by President Obama. In the essay Obama stated, “We have a set clear goal vital to the next chapter of America’s story in space: sending humans to Mars, by the 2030s and returning them safely to earth, with the ultimate ambition […]