Turkey Hits Barbaric New Lows Over Gay Pride

Turkey, despite wanting to join the EU really needs to look at the rule book. Under EU legislation, every man, woman and child has the right to live without fear of persecution, prosecution and intimidation. Despite being one of the go to destinations for LGBT holiday makers thanks to its great weather, fairly open minded […]

Grenfell Tower Charity Single to be Released Today

Simon Cowell, AKA Mr. Nasty has revealed that his charity single, which will benefit the victims of the Grenfell Tower Block fire is to be released today. The closely guarded project has been greatly kept under the radar and recorded in sections so as to not raise too much speculation. Those who are to sing […]

Betting on the Next UK Prime Minister Has Already Started!

After she took a gamble, and lost, in regards to her believing and being advised that calling a General Election would give the Conservative Party a huge majority in the House of Commons, Theresa May is beginning to look like a walking dead Prime Minister. One of her first tasks that she has been hastily […]