In the UK the idea of the School Uniform is standard, it is designed so that kids from poorer families don’t get bullied for not having the most designer or the most up to date clothes. However, there does come a point where this becomes ridiculous.

We are all individuals, with different needs, and to ban a haircut is absurd. Self expression is a real thing, and we can’t all have crew cuts or pigtails.

If a boy wants longer hair, let him, if a girl wants a sharp concaved bob let her. Its hair. It’s not like it’s affecting any ones learning, if anything, introducing such draconian rules and punishing for infractions is hindering them more.

Professor Umbridge said in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix;

‘and progress, for the sake of progress should be strictly prohibited’.

How bloody ridiculous does that sound?

I understand that there are limits to what is and isn’t appropriate, for example, wearing skirts so short you can see up them, or trousers so tight they’re virtually cutting the circulation off to your feet, but a haircut is simply that. It grows back.

Let’s make it perfectly clear, I have dated teachers, and I know that they work hard to keep order over a class that is practically bouncing with hormones, but teachers are there to teach, not enforce rules because the head teacher doesn’t like a particular look. It isn’t a runway, it’s not Vogue, it’s a load of teenagers who want to show a little individuality. One school has banned the ‘peaky blinders’ hair cut which is short and neat. Another has called blonde highlights ‘extreme’.

This isn’t right or fair, why is their hair so distracting? Why are teachers allowed to have highlights, but the near adults they are teaching not? It’s up to the parents of the child, not the school to dictate what is and isn’t appropriate. 90% of parents won’t allow their children to go mad with their hair, but they will allow some leeway.

How about kids with unruly curls that have cornrows? Are they suddenly an undesirable? How about a kid with cancer that’s wearing a wig that has come from the NHS and hasn’t been properly cut and coloured yet?

Muslim girls wearing a head scarf?

Where does this madness end. If schools want to dictate the uniform to the point it makes the army look sloppy, then they should provide the bloody uniforms themselves. My school did. They had a store room of identical uniforms in all sizes including shoes so we all had near as damn it identical looks. The only difference was our hair. Some had shaved hair, I had long hair, some had crew cuts and others had quiffs. It didn’t affect our learning, if anything it taught us that not one of us is the same and that individuality should be celebrated, not punished.