Private Education

Middle Class families who pay for private tuition ‘should pay extra tax’. Errr. They do!

It’s common knowledge, the wealthy pay more tax. Those that work hard are able to reap the rewards. Not only is it up to them how they spend their money, they pay through the nose with VAT, not to mention the initial income taxes.

So if they employ a private tutor, or even prep school, they are also paying tax on that, which is still quite high.

Then you have additional taxes on extra-curricular activities on offer by the school. They don’t come free! The school has to be able to fund it somehow. Basically, you’re taxed for goods and services provided.

Look at private school like buying a new computer, and then each month buying new software/hardware updates for it. All of that is taxed. You’re just not getting a computer, but the best education for your child.

There is also the very major fact that all staff have to pay tax, so the costs are reflected in the inflated initial price, which has to be passed on to the staff to cover their  tax bill. So it’s a tax, on a tax.

If people want the middle classes to pay more tax, then why don’t they work a little harder and see how it feels having 50% of your earnings gone before you’ve even seen it hit the bank.

It sounds to me like UCL are Wealth Shaming, which is seriously not cool. Also, has it not occurred that among ¼ of pupils in Grammar Schools are actually gifted and are there on scholarships, or their parents have taken on second jobs (even more tax) to afford their child the luxury of a top rate education.

The thing with private education, a lot of them have ‘additional needs’ so to speak. Not because they are educationally inept, but because most of them don’t see things inside the box, but in a more broad and complex manner, making them more difficult to teach in a mainstream environment.

If these children were forced into a mainstream school, would they be banging on that the parents should pay more tax for holding others back because they need to be explained things in a different way? It’s a double standard, which is laughable. The world is full of the Have’s and Have Not’s. That’s inevitable. Some get lucky, but others tend to stay socially immobile, and that is no one’s fault, not even their own. But those lucky few that do lead an envious lifestyle with luxuries shouldn’t be penalized for this sad fact of life.

Striving to be the best you can be is all you can do, and harvesting bitterness towards the middle and upper classes is going to do nothing but make you more bitter and envious which is a highly unattractive feature, especially as our children live what they learn, and this will breed another generation of envious and irrational adults thinking the wealthy man should give up even more.