In Madison, a mural was built for the talented musician, Otis Redding. The project to have the mural built was led by a Brazilian-born artist, named Henrique Nardi. The Capital Times reported that artists involved in the project included Jackson Alves and Cyla Costa. On the mural are the words, “Try a little tenderness”. This is the name of one of Redding’s songs. The words were in white letters and surrounded by orange flowers.

Nardi said, “It’s such a strong sentiment. Such a kind message.” The artist teaches graphic design in the art department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The lecturer said that he has received compliments on the mural. People on the streets have shown excitement and given positive responses about the painting. Support and funding for the mural was given by Karin Wolf, director of the Madison Arts Commission.

After obtaining approvals from the city commissions, Nardi and the artists began creating the mural on Halloween. Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the musician’s young life, who died in a private plane crash, during a storm. According to Nardi, there was a big celebration for the 40-year anniversary. A worker from the Cleveland museum also attended the event. Nardi said, “They brought the only survivor of the crash to talk. “

The success of the Otis Redding mural has motivated Nardi to want to create more. Nardi went on to say, “It was good to learn the procedures. It’s not impossible to interfere with the city, with the surroundings. And, that is a great thing.” If Nardi were to build another mural, it would be interesting to see who would be next. There are so many legends to choose from, with such a rich history in the music industry. For now, people can enjoy the mural of a legend.