Scott Baio, who talked at the Republican National Convention in July in support of Trump, said he was at an occasion with his young little girl in Thousand Oaks, California, when Smith’s significant other, Nancy Mack, beginning reviling and upbraiding him, law implementation sources told TMZ.

Baio said Mack, a vocal commentator of Trump, asked how he could bolster the president-elect after his “snatch them by the p–y” remark in a released 2005 video. Baio told officers that she noisily rehashed the hostile line a few circumstances within the sight of youngsters, TMZ reported.

The “Upbeat Days” star supposedly advised police that he requested that Mack stop, yet she just got louder and more physical. Baio said Mack snatched him under his arms and shook him and afterward pushed him, TMZ reported. Sources near Mack told TMZ that she was simply attempting to indicate Baio how Trump embraces ladies and didn’t intend to assault him. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department is examining the occurrence and Mack is recorded as a battery suspect, TMZ reported.

In October, Baio remained by Trump after his prurient remarks became known, forgetting about it as “not a major thing,” the New York Daily News reported. “I like Trump since Trump is not a lawmaker; he talks like a person. What’s more, women out there, this is the thing that folks discuss when you’re not around,” Baio said at the time. “So in case you’re affronted by it, grow up.”

Mack bolstered Hillary Clinton’s fizzled battle and over and over tweeted the Democratic candidate’s “I’m with her” trademark. She additionally did her share of Trump supporter-bashing, tweeting after the decision, “I practically don’t crave addressing any white regular workers American men at this moment.”