Cable television network A&E has announced that the documentary that had been expected to be released regarding the white supremacist hate group of the KKK has been cancelled upon realizing that funds had been spent in an attempt to enable access towards the individuals in the documentary.

“Escaping the KKK” was set to be broadcasted as of January 10th, after a year and a half of making the entire 8 separate segments that were to be put on for a unique type of broadcasting whose objectives were in culminating racism in the United States.

The previous name of the documentary was “Generation KKK” but had been changed soon after due to a possible misinterpretation by the audiences who would might assume this would be some sort of reality TV show.

Shedding Light on Hate

A&E had requested for collaboration with the Color of Change group, who serve as a civil rights organization, to assist them in reaching out to other civil rights leaders in adding their own input to the documentary.

The objective of this documentary was shedding light on the Klan members who no longer feel the desire to be associated with them and continue to aid the others who seek to single themselves out of the infamous hate group.

The Unfortunate Catch

Due to the nature of the documentary, it received criticism from several angles, specifically by renowned actor Wendell Pierce who had demanded that the A&E network to prove that no individuals portrayed in the documentary had received any type of financial gain.

However, it was later realized in complete surprise to A&E as well that indeed several participants from the KKK had been paid in an attempt to allow an accessibility towards the other participants from the documentary.

Although the payments were said to be of a minimal amount, nonetheless the A&E network stated by saying they still serve as a direct violation of their regulations and rules when it comes to the production of a documentary.


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