If you are fan of horror movies then today’s entertainment new story regarding a brand new remake of the A Nightmare on Elm Street will be of interest to you.

Well boys and girls, it’s no longer safe to get back into bed! By the looks of things, Freddy is being reincarnated again in the not too distant future. Obviously, Robert has hung up his glove for good however, what we’re hoping for is more of a back-story into the killer with the most God awful sweater known to man.

Hopefully if this does make it off the ground, whoever plays the iconic Freddy Krueger will be a better option than Jackie Earle Haley. Now, JEH didn’t do a bad job, but the script was terrible and the makeup department were lacking in the prosthetic makeup department. Also, using ECG for the face was a bad move as you could see the green screen bleeding through whenever he walked.

The whole point of the Nightmare on Elm Street films was to provide suspense horror with a few cheap jumps. The original Nightmare only had Freddy on screen for about 15 minutes! That’s pretty good considering the fact the audience were absolutely terrified.

Wes Craven was a believer in less is more, and in fact decided for Freddy to be super scary he should be more of an imagination trigger, NOT an ever present character, such as Jason Vorhees or Chucky.

When casting begins, we do not know, but Kevin Bacon has shown an interest in playing Freddy, and we think he could do a good job. To play Freddy well, ideally you need to be a classically trained Actor and preferably a trained singer also, as the role relies heavily on manipulating the voice and face to create the most gruesome monster possible also speaking with prosthetic make up on is not an easy thing to do.

Hopefully, like the original, this reboot will use relatively unknown actors, and send their careers in the right direction, as we all know, Johnny Depp’s (accidental) casting as Glenn in the original got his career started. If the script is well written, we will be very happy, especially if it also manages to bring the entire franchise up to date for a new audience, that’s going to be even better,

If you like the idea of a new Freddy movie then make sure you keep a regular eye on the IMDB website, for they are usually among the first to know what’s happening.

There are also around 100 remakes in pre production which could be in the pipeline, so check out the list to find out if some of your classic favourites are on the table, you never know you could have completely new interpretations of all your best movies coming your way!

As with all remakes they do tend to be hit and miss, however, we reckon with the right team onboard the project, it could be one of the must see movies of the decade! Actually, if we’re lucky, we may even have a cameo off Robert Englund himself, which would be really, really cool!

Published by Sara O'Connell

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