There was a very interesting day at Ascot, not the drunken chavs, though they were quite interesting, but the Royals made an appearance. This isn’t rare, though it was nice, given recent events, to see the royal family, the top dogs in the country out and about, smiling and enjoying themselves.

After Harry and William candidly admitted no one really wants the throne (it’s like the Mafia, once you’re in, you’re in! And there is no chance of retiring.) and the terrible events with London and Manchester, the fact we saw the Queen attending was a great comfort. She didn’t have to attend, she could have stayed in her heavily guarded home and watched it on TV. But being the formidable (or stubborn as Phillip calls her) woman she is, she ignored protocol, she threw caution to the wind and although she had armed staff, she went to the races.

This show of resilience and self steel is testament to the British people. How we keep our stiff upper lip and our heads held high in the face of adversity.

How we do it, no one knows, but one of our best traits is to ‘Keep calm and carry on’. You could be leading us to our death, and we know it, but we would still have our head held high and a certain amount of dignity in our solemn silence.

The Queen for all of her faults has made one thing perfectly clear. She isn’t perfect. She isn’t a god, she is a human, and over the last 20 years since the death of Diana, she has peeled away this regal persona to reveal a much more ‘normal’ person.

She has revealed to the world that like countless others, she is a ultimately a grandmother. A mother, a mother in law and a human. Like all of us, she watches TV (she has a personal like of Countdown), she enjoys puzzles and she enjoys meeting people.

We may be her ‘subjects’ but she seldom shies away from meeting us mere mortals. She also tends to be the first one to extend her hand to help others who have fallen on difficult times.

For all people say of the Royals being free loaders and looters of our taxes, I say that they are doing the hardest job in the world.

I didn’t ask to be born into a very intelligent family while I’m the idiot. They didn’t ask to be born into a family where they can never retire. The average retirement age in the UK is 70. The queen is 91 and still working morning noon and night.

That’s 20 years more work.

She doesn’t sleep in all day, she carefully and meticulously plans every little thing she does, and when needed, she goes the extra mile to ensure that her people see her solidarity, which ultimately gives the rest of us comfort, as if the matriarch doesn’t fear for her safety, why should we?