Sadly it seems that many casino resorts in Vegas are treating their customers as cash cows, and whilst the house always does have an edge on every game on their respective gaming floors, we are seeing many of them concoct additional ways to part their paying guests from their hard earned cash.

One of the most recent ways many Vegas casino resorts have been able to start charging their customers for a commodity that has always been free is thanks to the introduction of parking fees. Those Vegas casino parking fees are in many cases being charged to not only short term visitors to most casinos but also to people staying in the hotel rooms and suites at those venues.

The excuse given for those charges is that due to the location of McCarran airport many people have found they can leave their cars in a casinos car park and fly off on vacation, safe in the knowledge their car is in a secure location and one they can easily get to upon their return, and that is filling up many car parks and not leaving enough space for paying guests and customers!

Whether you will be hit with parking fees and charges when visiting any casino in Vegas will of course be dependent on which ones you choose to visit or stay at, however it is always worth checking to see if you are going to be hit with any type of parking fee for they can very quickly add up!

However, there is another even more annoying way that you are going to have to pay additional fees when you do stay in Vegas, and that is all down to a phenomenon known as “Resort Fees”, you will have to pay an additional fee on top of your room or suite rate to cover that resort fee which can in some case be equal to or more than the rate you have pad for your room!

The idea behind this resort fee is pure greed, for in exchange for paying it, which you are in most cases obliged to do, you can then make use of the “facilities” at your chosen casino resort. Those facilities can and often do include things such as free Wi-Fi, use of a gym and swimming pool at each Vegas property.

Those facilities it does have to be said are usually included in the price of your room when staying anywhere else in the U.S, but sadly not any more when you stay in Vegas.

There are a few ways you can get around paying resort fees, and one is to get your hotel room or suite comped for the duration of you stay by your Casino Host, however you will of course need to gamble a lot before he or she will comp your entire stay.

You can also avoid paying those resort fees by opting to stay at some of the off-strip properties, or if you are looking for somewhere else to stay but away from the Vegas crowd in Nevada then consider staying at Laughlin in Nevada which has its own strip of casinos and is set on the stunning banks of the Colorado River and the casinos there, do not, as of yet, charge resort fees.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.