You know you’re in trouble when one of the biggest divas to ever hit the big time has something to say, and Barbra Streisand has hit out at the ‘lack of female directors’ in film. Chatting with Robert Rodigurez, she explained that in the history of the Oscars, only 4 women have been nominated for Best Director, and only one actually won. So there actually could be some truth in her belief that Hollywood is still quite sexist.

Telling Robert that the bad reviews of the films she did direct must have hurt her more than she though because she took an 8 year break away from the directing side of things and focussed more on her music.

During the Q&A session, Robert also admitted that although a strange combination given his work on films like Sin City, he and his mother are both super-fans and he really wanted to interview one of his idols.

However, it does raise an honest question about film. Is the industry so biased towards men that women seldom get a sniff at the technical awards, such as directing, composition and special effects? We certainly believe that there could be something to it, especially when some pretty poor films have walked away with best Director awards while female directors never get a look in even though their direction was far superior to that of their male counterparts.

Barbra often does get a bee in her bonnet, be it sexism, racism, and anti Semitism, and she regularly speaks out of her support for her gay fan base which is on a par with the likes of Cher, Kylie, Madonna and Lady Gaga. She is a believer in all things being right and fair, regardless of whom you are, and this is only the latest incident of her speaking out about inequality.

She addressed a LGBT conference in 2004 to deliver a powerful Pro Same Sex Marriage, Anti Bush speech where she is on record saying how the introduction of a now failed amendment would legally allow for discrimination, even going so far as to hint at the 1950’s where it was common to have separate entrances for white people and black people.

We do believe that Streisand does stand by these principals in her personal life, however, we still have to question if there was not an ulterior motive behind the interview, namely a kick start to her career to get herself back into the lime light and to start working again in film as oppose to just music.

The 75 year old who has only directed 3 films in her career achieved moderate success with her films with 14 Oscar nominations, however, none of them were actually for best director.

She said ‘There are a lot of older people. They don’t want to see a woman director’ She also added ‘I didn’t know how many women want to see a woman director. Here’s hoping that if she does direct again, she has better luck.