Ask any sports bettor what they want from a betting site, and he or she will reply the best odds available! Whilst many such sites offer promotional offers including free bets and betting bonuses, at the end of the day any experienced sports bettor is always going to want to get the maximum returns from any winning wager they place.

There are of course no shortage of online, land based and mobile sports books, betting sites and betting apps you can pick and choose to utilize that will allow you to place any sports related wager you fancy placing, however the odds available at those sites and on those apps are usually not very attractive to gamblers.

That is due to each betting related company having a build in house edge on every betting opportunity they offer, and something known as an over-round on their betting markets. The over-round is the theoretical profit a betting company is expected to win if they have an equal number of bets related to the odds they offer on every opportunity available on each betting market.

Many savvy sport bettors however are now turning their attention and their gambling action to Betting Exchanges, for by doing so they have the option of placing a bet on absolutely any type of sporting event or fixture they wish o wager on and can also ask for the odds they want on any betting opportunities too.

As a betting exchange will also allow customers or “lay” bets that means you will be able to take the stakes off other sports bettors and offer them odds, chosen by you, on any sporting events or fixtures. As such anyone can actually become a bookmakers or sportsbook themselves when they sign up and utilize a betting exchange.

By matching layers with people wishing to place a bet a betting exchange makes its money by charging a small commission on the customer who makes a profit from each bet struck.

However, what you are going to find is that the odds available and the betting value offered by any busy betting change is going to be much higher in value then any sports betting site, bookmaker or betting app will be offering you.

It is that fact and that fact alone that a huge number of people now choose to place and lay bets on betting exchanges rather than utilizing one of the more established betting companies, as they are going to get the best of both worlds being able to place bets or lay bets on any sporting activities scheduled each day or in the future.

One little piece of advice we can pass onto you however is that you may be best advised to open up an account at a few different betting exchanges as that way if you do wish to place a bet and you want to ask for higher odds you are much more likely to find someone willing to lay that bet when you have several betting exchange accounts you can utilize!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.