The musical sovereignty have moved toward the West Coast so their four-year old Blue Ivy can go to a selective program custom fitted to the performance needs of children, according to US Weekly . They moved to L.A. since they needed her to go to this extraordinary school,’ a source near the team told the magazine.

The program, which conveys a sticker price of $19,000 yearly, went ahead the proposal of the couple’s celeb friend, Gwyneth Paltrow. One source said, “Gwyneth was telling Jay and Bey about the quality of life for her kids in L.A. and really swayed Beyoncé and Jay to make the move – it’s all for Blue Ivy.” The ‘Drunk in Love’ couple have been ‘exceptionally active’ at the school and “Jay Z even goes to PTA gatherings”, the source said.

The 46-year old rapper and 35-year old superstar don’t leave transportation obligations to their staff members. “One of them generally drops her off or lifts her up”, says the source. Blue Ivy has been showing up at more appearances with mother and father as she grows older. She is envisioned left with her dad in June and comfortable MTV VMAs in August.

The couple stays in a realm perspective, to some degree. They keep up a lavish home within the Tribeca area of New York City, where they visited not long ago to witness Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles serve as the included musical follow up on Saturday Night Live, then snatched supper with one of the show’s newest stars, Leslie Jones. The cross-country move likewise puts the twosome nearer to individual celeb super-couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who stays at UCLA Medical Center in the midst of what an insider told Entertainment Tonight was a ‘mental breakdown’ in the midst of an excited calendar and different stressors that have sidelined the confounding craftsman.