It seems to be that the Beckham’s, not happy with their already lavish and enviable lifestyle which we mere mortals could only dream about they have gone one step further and have claimed an intellectual copyright of Harper Beckham their daughter!

Granted this is more than likely in their only daughters best interests, especially given that no matter what she does, she will always live in the shadow of her parents name, which in itself is a curse, as with many ‘poor little rich kids’, from Cradle to Grave, her achievements will always be compared to that of her parents, and even worse, jealousy gets more and more deep seated as we get older.

I don’t doubt that Harper Beckham will go far in life of her own accord, she is a beautiful little girl, full of smiles and cheeky grins however in the world of work there will be those who see her as another Paris Hilton, simply famous for having famous parents.

That said however, Victoria Beckham, unlike David, who doesn’t even look at the price tag, is still pretty grounded behind the steely pout and exceptionally private and protective demeanour when it comes to her family life.

She is what I would call the glue of the family, ensuring that things run smoothly, the kids are ready for school, the mail gets sorted, bills get paid and the broadband is on the best tariff to suit their needs. Basically, if you take away the designer wardrobe and the Range Rovers, she is no different to any other mother she just has a little more cash to throw around on luxuries.

The Harper Beckham range is to include Make Up, Toys, Fashion (of course!) and modelling, not bad really when you’re only 5. But the reasons behind this, including Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz’ initiation to the Beckham Brand, is most likely a very pragmatic, and realistic view point on the parts of Victoria and David.

They want their children to earn their own way and create their own path. If both of them (God forbid) were in a plane crash tomorrow and the tax man decided he wanted all assets, at least the kids are protected and able to ‘trade’ so to speak under the Beckham name, for although it may be hard to get to the top of your game through hard work, it’s a far more painful fall when you were born at the top and lose the lot.

It sounds outrageous, but in reality, it really isn’t that outrageous. We as parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, godparents and so on and so forth would kill and die for our youngsters, just the majority of us don’t have a surname that is on a par with royalty.

Ask yourself this, if you could, would you do all in your power to safe guard your child’s future while at the same time making them work for their money and not rely on the inheritance (which with David Beckham’s love of spending may not be much!).

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.