One of the most popular TV shows in the UK in New Year is the celebrity version of the reality game show Big Brother, and last night we saw this year’s main contestants entering the house.

In an unusual twist though all of the contestants are female, which should ensure there are plenty of cat fights, lots of bitching and it is bound to make for compulsive viewing over the next few weeks!

As is always the case however, many bookmakers and betting sites are now offering odds on the possible winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2018, and to give you an idea of who the bookmakers at least think is going to be the likely winner, below I will give you an overview of the odds available on each of the contestants.

The smart money it does appear is currently on Maggie Oliver  for her odds on winning this year’s UK Celebrity Big Brother 2018 are 9/4 at most bookmakers betting sites.

The odds do start to grow in value on the remaining contestants, for if you fancy the chances of India Willougby you are going to find odds as high as 7/1 on offer, however do shop around as those odds may different at various different betting sites!

The is a lot of love and affection for Amanda Barrie who has stated she only agreed to take part in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother to stop her thinking about of dying! However, having played a popular character on the much loved Coronation Street she may be in which a chance of winning and her odds are quite appealing at some 12/1.

You will find the odds on both Rachel Johnson and also Ashley James are also around the 12/1 mark and as such if you do fancy the chances of either of those two ladies, then the sooner you place your bet the better!

You may thing that Jess Impiazzi is going to win however she is currently, if the betting markets are anything to go by, one of the outsiders to do so, and you will find her odds of winning are 14/1.

The fact that Ann Widdecombe entered the house did surprise a lot of people , however enter she did and if you think the outspoken ex-MP is in with a chance then you should get your money on her quickly and make use of the 16/1 odds that many betting sites are offering on her.

The current outsider to win Celebrity Big Brother 2018 is Malika Haqq and her odds on winning are high at 25/1!

Sara O'Connell
A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.