Cher turned 71 yesterday, and also picked up an Icon award at the Billboard awards.

Cher being Cher, decided that flashing the flesh in one of her iconic costumes was the best way to wow the audiences, and boy did she wow!

The 71 year old performer took to the stage to perform her chart topping single Believe in a barely there costume, complete with nipple pastie in a heart shape and wowed as she outshone her host Gwen Staffani.

The singer, who although is a diva in her own right, was grounded and exceptionally down to earth stating that her mother said ‘you’ll never be the pretties, or the smartest. But you will be special’. Granted her plastic surgeons have helped over the years, which she openly admits.

The mother of Chaz Bono, 48, then went on to wow once more by donning the iconic Turn Back Time costume, complete with Jacket and thigh high boots to belt out possibly one of her most iconic tracks. However, Cher isn’t actually a fan of her own music.

Saying that she and her stage alter ego are completely different people gives a very small insight into the woman she really is. It has been reported that Cher during the droughts surrounding her home, that she had the entire garden ripped out and replaced it with water conserving trees that can withstand long periods without water, so as to help with not watering her once lush lawn every morning, noon and night.

She has also been very vocal recently about her aging, and has stated that she thought she would be dead by now, let alone performing to sell out audiences with her record breaking songs including Believe, Strong Enough, Save up all your Tears and Bang Bang.

She blames her longevity on a good exercise regime, good diet, and the fact that she feels she constantly has to work, be that on film, stage or studio.

Cher, most noticeably, remembers when she picked up her Oscar, and she fell over and lost her ear ring, and shouted out ‘Oh S**t!’ and ended up having everyone in the room looking around for her ear ring, which we don’t know if it was ever found.

She has not been without her own struggles however, after Chaz told her he was transgender, she did initially struggle with her conflicting mind and emotions, and has openly admitted that she did find it hard to come to terms with, but remained as open as possible and as Chaz explained more and more, she began to not only accept, but understand more and more.

She then went on to support him when he appeared on Dancing with the Stars and also saw him drop a huge amount of weight and lead a far healthier lifestyle, ditching the booze, fast food and snacks for more wholesome and fulfilling foods.

Cher is one of only a handful of Icon award winners, including Jennifer Lopez, Neil Diamond and Prince.

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