The UK actor Danny Dyer is gorgeous, successful, and talented and with a life that most of us could only dream of but he appears to have had a bit of a Twitter meltdown following his return to the UK soap opera Eastenders. Now, Danny is a bit of a wild card due to his fiery temper, and he can, and does, make demands even Cher wouldn’t dare request.

That said, he is a ‘geezer’ and a London Lad. Rough around the edges, but has a heart of gold. It was only a couple of years ago he chastised a Twitter troll for picking on a gay man who simply commented on his TV characters son coming out and how he had made the scene beautiful.

Alas, his temper does get him into trouble. We think it’s hilarious, because when Danny goes on one, he goes for gold, and he is very liberal and hates to see discrimination, especially towards his LGBT fan base whom got him where he is today thanks to his starring role in the critically acclaimed Borstal Boy.

He has a mouth like a sewer, and his word of choice begins with F and ends in K. Usually he is able to shut down any arguments by Tweeting ‘SHUT THE F**K UP’, or occasionally being more articulate and giving reams upon reams of his deepest thoughts and how discrimination is not only wrong, but hurts him.

Unfortunately recently, Danny does seem to have had a bit of a meltdown. He’s been smoking too much, drinking too much and has been gently pushed out of the studio for a break. After all, since Borstal Boy, this is his first major commitment that requires a lot of his time. Honestly, I think his little ‘blip’ is more of a shell shock, similar to going from part time work to full time work overnight, midweek and not having time to adapt to your new schedule.

As always, Danny will bounce back, it may take him a few weeks or months, but he will be back on fighting form and his acting will be back on track.

All we can do is simply wait and see what he has in store, because being the loose cannon he is, he is more than likely going to pull out all the stops and deliver a scene that not only wins him an Emmy, but also steals our hearts for the Loveable Rouge really does not have to act for his role in Eastenders. It is simply Danny wearing different clothing and with a job running a pub.

To see his talents, all you have to do is YouTube him, and you can see that when in character and with the right guidance, he is a formidable actor who can be as fearful as Ian McKellen’s Gandalf, or as gentle as Emma Watson’s Hermione Granger.

Because he isn’t technically trained, what you see is what you get, which makes his ability unique and realistic. He isn’t simply an actor on the set, he is Danny Dyer wearing different clothes and reading lines.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.