Saturday Night Live was a little special, last night. Everyone was tuned in to see Dave Chappelle. We wanted to know what he had to say and what type of skits would he play. What was a huge shocker is when Chappelle did a ‘Walking Dead’ skit. He did a great job acting, but the extra, unexpected appearances were amazing!

As Chappelle is pacing back and forth with a bat, he is determining which of the people knelt before him will have their head knocked off. To the audience’s surprise, one of the people on their knees is Chappelle as the ‘crackhead’ from the Chappelle Show. As the camera plays back forth, between the Walking Dead character and the crackhead character, the pimp from Chappelle Show appears. Along with the pimp is his sidekick, who continues to spray ‘jerry curl juice’ in his hair. Next, there is the Lil’ Jon character, and the audience goes in an uproar. Chappelle followed with the ‘white guy’ and the ‘blind black racist’. It was an amazing moment for those that were fans of the Chappelle Show.

Another reason that people ran to SNL was because of the recent presidential election. This was the first Saturday, following the poll results. And, there had to be something said in the 90-minute late night show. Throughout the show, there was a constant focus on the presidential election. Even the guest performers, A Tribe Called Quest had a political message in their music.

The first skit focused only on the election, as they re-enacted blacks and whites watching the polls and worrying about who would be the next president. A huge shocker is when SNL legend, Chris Rock appeared out of nowhere and joined the cast to watch the polls. They kept taking stabs at people’s disbelief in the final decision. Chappelle sealed it by saying, “You guys are right. It’s a historic night. Don’t worry about it; eight years are going to fly by.”