Dolly Parton is set to release a new book, detailing some of the most important times of her life, and of course, her boobs get a mention!

In the book, Dolly on Dolly, she lifts the lid on what it was like to work with Burt Reynolds on Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, her relationship with Jane Fonda on 9 – 5 and working with Sylvester Stalone, who she says is the perfect balance of Ego and Insecurity.

Dolly, who grew up in a small town at the foot of the Smokey Mountains, was so poor, that the family had no money for everything that we take for granted. No TV, no electricity, and if they were feeling particularly flush one week, they would buy a battery for their radio and listen to the Grand Ole Opry.

She also candidly recalls that during summer they would wash and bathe in the nearby stream, while during winter a pan of water had to do. She says that ‘the room we slept in was as cold as it was outside’.

The eldest of 12 children, Dolly’s mother was a house wife, and her father a construction worker. Money was obviously tight, and a lot of Dolly’s works focus on her poor beginnings, but how as a family they wouldn’t have changed a thing, and how as a family, they were genuinely happy.

She also lifts the lid on her unconventional sex life and marriage with her beloved husband, Carl Dean.

Explaining that she was an early starter in nearly everything in life, ‘I had titties at 8 and got my period at 9’ Dolly has always been grown up, and at the age of 11 looked like a fully developed woman.

Dolly also looks at her image as more of a gimmick, a very successful image, stating that she did it to make herself more extreme, and in this getup that her and a friend decided to go to a adult theatre and watch a porno, where men actually thought they were hookers, thanks to the 6 inch, bleach blonde bouffant wig, skin tight clothes, towering heels and boobs of titanic proportions, that a man actually started manhandling her and offered money.

Dolly being Dolly called him a ‘dirty bastard’ and pulled her gun on him. He soon left with his tail between his legs.

And talking about her weight, she once gained 50lbs, she admits, she’s never been one to do things by halves. ‘It’s hard for me to love a little, have sex a little, to eat a little’. Claiming she’s always been a hog, however, she has learned the best way for her to maintain her enviable figure, is to eat it all, but in smaller portions. She seems to have a particular love of Pizza, admitting she can eat 3 in one sitting.

However, one thing is certain, she will not divulge what is under the wig, and her husband, and only a few very close people have seen Dolly without the entire shebang on.