Fans of Downton are going to be either thrilled or dismayed at the news that a film of the hugely popular period drama has been given the green light and that a top secret script has been completed and is undergoing its final draft.

The plot is unknown, however, due to the finale giving characters their fairytale endings. Even Tom, the ever scheming under butler got a decent ending. Also, as Maggie Smith said, she doesn’t see how a film would work, as every possible avenue has been bled dry over 6 series.

That said however, Julian Fellows is a very talented writer, and is constantly brimming with ideas and plot twists that can make some of the best novels seem rather bland.

Speaking about the situation, he admitted that getting the entire cast together at this moment is difficult as a lot of them have moved onto other projects, predominantly in the States, where Pilot episodes are already being filmed for the next 2 years of TV.

Yes, it honestly does happen like that. 2 pilot episodes with a final ending, a handful of test screenings with viewers giving their opinions and then the number crunching begins.

This is why pilots tend to be twice as long as a standard episode as episodes 1 and 2 are edited together and the end of episode 2 is altered to allow the story to progress fluidly in the 3rd and so on.

We are hoping that the withering put downs of the Dowager Countess will be just as good as ever, and that we’ll be treated to a darker, more real insight in to the Crawley family dynamics, especially after the sickly sweet ending of the 2016 Christmas special. After all, regardless of wealth, life is not always plain sailing, and if it is set in the same time period.

Domestic violence was rife, babies were born with many birth defects, immunization wasn’t a thing, women’s rights were not introduced until later and the country was preparing for the Second World War which greatly shook the great houses, especially when austerity was introduced and it was simply unavoidable to start laying off staff, or selling off huge chunks of the estates in the hopes of raising the funds to  actually keep the house afloat, and in the cases of the great houses that were damaged during the war, repair the houses to their former glory.

There is also the very real possibility that a younger generation of cast could be introduced, as it wasn’t unheard of for the great houses to take in several children from the cities during the war to try and keep them away from the fall out.

Unfortunately, the script was emailed, and according to one of the cast, it literally self destructed, never to be seen again, so no one has been able to leak the script, and even if the file was leaked, it’s probably got military grade encryption and passwords on every page so as to keep it completely safe.