Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley have tied the knot after 5 years together. In an extravagant ceremony at Bovey Castle, near Devon, the couple managed to not only pull off a spectacular ceremony, complete with enactment of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet’s Star cross’d lovers scene, but also managed to keep the party going well into the early hours of the morning.

The Team GB diver has previously been said to have had 2 affairs, though neither appear to have harmed his relationship with Dustin, and to be quite honest, being in a relationship with one of Hollywood’s biggest directors, far stranger things have probably happened.

The event was quite a closed one, with only close friends and family invited, however, that didn’t stop Daley, who is 20 years younger than Black, making the entire party enjoyable for everyone and the champagne was flowing.

The couple were engaged in 2015, and it can be revealed that at the time of the cheating scandals, they were having a ‘break’ and have both moved on from the saga.

The Bronze Olympian admitted quite openly that the couple had been on a 7 month break due to Black’s absurdly busy work schedule at the time, and that not only have they moved on, they are stronger as a couple than ever before, meanwhile, the male model who essentially kissed and told is not only nowhere to be seen, he has completely faded into obscurity, more than likely dropped by all of his agents for his lack of etiquette and taste when it comes to these situations and trying to cash in on a salacious event.

Daley and Black have now retreated and are hoping to spend some quality time together while adjusting to their new life as husbands, and hopefully will be back to working full on sometime in the next few months.

The castle where they wed is set in 275 acres in the Dartmoor National Park and offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, not to mention the stunning golf course.

An old manor house, the castle was taken over by Great Western railways in the 1930’s as a hotel and golf club boasting award winning greens and service accolades consistently ever since, it’s no wonder why the 2 star cross’d lovers chose this as their venue as oppose to a Hollywood extravaganza which seems to be increasingly the norm these days.

We hope that they do have a beautiful and prosperous marriage, and hope also that not only their love life blossoms with each and every day, but that they continue to be the rock that the other needs to keep them grounded and to not turn into another power mad couple, hell bent on making their brand not only known, but un-missable at every turn.

Also, we never know, Tom may also prove himself to be a talented actor, and given that Dustin is already a screen writer, among his many talents, we could end up seeing Tom wearing a costume that doesn’t involve Speedo’s!