Elton John has recently been working nonstop. To the point of absolute madness some may say. Missing his 2 young sons, and his husband David, Elton contracted a potentially deadly bug in South America which led to him being hospitalized.

Yet, he still continues working at full steam, despite his young sons (which must be tiring enough), he has other commitments including his AIDS foundation and various other charitable organizations he supports. The problem is however, as we get older, we become more prone to health issues, and Elton has already had his fair share, including heart problems.

Relying on a pacemaker, he admitted that he would have to slow down, however, this never did happen, and he is not only going full steam ahead, we fear he is on a broken track.

There is only so much the human body will allow us to do, and eventually, something is going to have to give. At 70 years of age, Elton should be basking in the glory of his gains, enjoying time with his sons and husband, not sleeping on a tour bus performing at all hours and suffering the inevitable jet lag that come part and parcel with international tours.

Obviously, he should continue with his compositions, lyrics, recording and mentoring, for they keep his mind young and active, however, and cutting back on the shows for a little while and simply taking a rest is what is going to keep Elton fit and healthy. But as he admits, he can’t have a bunch of flowers he needs to have the entire field.

Continuously, his glass is always half empty, and always could be fuller, making him constantly push the boundaries in his work. But he has never actually done things by half. If he wants something, he gets twp. If he’s making a statement, he goes all out and makes statements that could rival THAT meat dress that Lady Gaga wore.

Obviously we are worried about the health of Elton, not only for his own sake, but for that of his 2 young sons, who already will lose their father too soon due to old age, and this latest health scare too most people would be like a sign from God that they need to start taking it easy and slow down. But no, Elton refuses to and his gruelling work regime is testament to that as he is a workaholic.

The hit maker is one of the few musicians, including the likes of Dolly Parton, Cher, Celine Dion and even Britney Spears, who refuse to let their fans down and fade into obscurity, thus meaning they are constantly working on new material, pursuing new (or old) paths, collaborating with newer artists and guiding their way, touring for weeks or months on end.

In Cher’s case having a 600th Farewell tour! Simply put, Elton John is Still Standing, however, we fear it won’t be long until he’s simply too old to enjoy the life he has worked so hard to create. After all, like beauty, things fade with time, and Elton should really be channelling all his best qualities into his sons while he still can.