Beauty and the Beast dominated most of the MTV Movie and TV awards on Sunday night.  Not only did it scoop most of the top prizes, a new category was introduced to include all entries, be they Male, Female, Trans or non conforming gender binary.

It is an award that pits everyone against each other and gives an even playing field for those who feel they don’t belong in best Actor or Actress. In a bold move that may offend the more conservative readers, we think that this is a perfect middle ground when it comes to equality, for it’s not best man and best woman, it is Best Actor, and their talent is judged and their skill only is taken into consideration.

After winning the award for her role as Belle, Emma gave an empowering speech, saying that ‘being an actor is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, and that doesn’t have to separated into two different categories’.

We are all for Best Actor and Actress awards, however, introducing this gender neutral award also awards and recognizes the work done by other who have honed their craft and worked their butts off to make a film which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also created a role that the convincingly acted out while also being fair to men, women, trans and non binary people.

Laverene Cox, for example, could be pitted against, Matthew Broderick, Jackie Earl Healey, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz for the award and win, meaning that the judging is fair and just as it’s not a small pool of just actors or actresses, but the entire crowd is put into the running.

Watson also stated when collecting her award that ‘Empathy and the ability to use your imagination should have no limits’. Giving a candid insight into her views, not only as a feminist, but as a humanitarian, the beauty also made it absolutely clear that she stands by anyone, regardless of sex, sexuality, colour or creed, if they want to hone their craft, she will support them.

It is a shame that Hollywood doesn’t seem to do that, unless of course you are gorgeous, in perfect shape, tick all the boxes and have a load of friends already in the industry that can drop your name to the movers and shakers.

After landing her big break in the Harry Potter franchise all those years ago, Emma was always a sweet girl,  if a little goofy as teenage girls always seem to be, but she has grown into a beautiful, strong and influential young woman who is a good role model for our children. You never see her publically drunk and vomiting in a police mans helmet, she doesn’t smoke, encourages change for equality on all sides, studied at a top university while also working and passed with flying colours.

This is the kind of role model that our children need, not foul mouthed wannabe gangsters and wannabe exotic dancers (take note Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian).