Simon Cowell, AKA Mr. Nasty has revealed that his charity single, which will benefit the victims of the Grenfell Tower Block fire is to be released today. The closely guarded project has been greatly kept under the radar and recorded in sections so as to not raise too much speculation.

Those who are to sing on the song including Leona Lewis, Liam Payne, Robbie Williams and Paloma Faith.

The track being used is a cover of the 70’s classic Bridge over Troubled Water, and proceeds will be going to families affected by the devastating fire which claimed the lives of over 70 people and left hundreds of people, including children homeless.

It is unclear how the fire started, or why it spread so quickly, however, it is believed that the cladding used on the facade of the building didn’t meet UK building and fire regulations.

As with all charity work endorsed by celebrities, we support and actively encourage those more fortunate than us mere mortals to do all they can for causes that are close to their heart, though Lilly (I’m so sorry you’re a migrant, I must apologize on behalf of the British people) Allen may want to stop bleating on about everything and anything she can when she actually doesn’t do anything about it.

The single which is set to become one of the biggest selling singles of this year, was written in the 70’s by Simon and Garfunkel, and though a little bit on the depressing side, was a huge hit and has become almost a cult classic among fans.

It is hoped that this single will generate enough income to provide financial help to all of those affected, and to also pay for funeral costs for those who perished in the fire. It is also hoped that if income surpasses the target, that the remainder will be spread to other humanitarian causes helping those in crisis in the UK, very similar to the Manchester One Love gig that happened only a month ago which raised upwards of £10million.

As the country gradually recovers, and continues as normal, it is expected that the Grenfell tower block will be demolished and a new development will replace it with a more modern, safer and ultimately more aesthetic design.

Currently there are over 50 tower blocks in the London area that are clad with the same material that Grenfell was, and great measures are now being taken to remove the substandard materials that are banned in the US from the buildings while investigations are carried out on what remains of the building and so fire crews can determine whether the fire was caused by an electrical fault, or whether it was arson, or simply an accident such as forgetting to turn of the frying pan, or someone accidentally dropping a cigarette ember without knowing it. There are plenty of theories that people are putting forward but we will never know until the investigation has been thoroughly done.