Whilst many us of are heading straight back to work today, one couple isn’t, for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have chosen to jet off to sunnier climates, however they did not do so in style, instead they opted for economy class with British Airlines!

If you have been following the news recently you will know that British Airlines have been taking some flack, due to the fact they have cut back on many of the extras their economy passengers used to take for granted.

To make matters worse the couple booked economy class seats but those located at the rear of the plane near the toilets. They probably did so to try and stay out of the public gaze. However, in my opinion they have picked the worst seats possible on any aircraft!

I can guarantee them that as soon as the seatbelt light went off, there would have been a mad rush of people all deciding they needed to go to the toilet. I have witness that on every single flight I have been on, and why people do not go to the toilet before stepping foot on a plane defies logic.

In fact, when I travel on any plane journeys nowadays I always time how long it takes for the seatbelt light to go off before someone makes a mad dash to the toilet, for reference the record is 2 seconds!

Whilst they did of course travel with their usual bodyguards, all of whom sat nearby they were indeed spotted and word soon spread around the aircraft that they were onboard, however the flight did go without any incidents and they arrived on time, but whether refreshed and raring to go, one does have to wonder!

It appears that they are on their way to the French Riviera to stay with friends, and probably to give themselves a well earned break having been centre of attention since they announced their engagement.

Word has it though that some people are saying the soon to be marriage won’t last long, whilst many others are wishing them all the best for the future, and it is nice to see that Harry is finally going to settle down like his older brother William.

Memories of France will of course be in his mind as that is where his mother Diane passed away in the well publicised car accident several years ago.

Whether you love or hate the Royal Family it is still nice to see a couple about to embark on a new chapter in their lives, and also its good to see a couple that do not take themselves too seriously, which let’s face it, that is impossible to do in a British Airlines economy class seat!

Sara O'Connell
A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.