One Direction heart throb Harry Styles has been left ‘overwhelmed’ after discovering that his world tour sold out within seconds of releasing tickets. The 23 year old took to Twitter to also console fans who didn’t get tickets that he’ll be back around next year, though strangely enough, he’s only performing 2 night in the UK, both at the Hammersmith Apollo, which is a bit of a dampener for his fans based elsewhere in the UK.

The star, who is worth in excess of £20million is touring Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia for his first full on tour of his solo career which could very possibly see him being even bigger than Paul McCartney.

Thanks to Harry’s already loyal fan base however, there is the risk of bogus ticket touters, and we warn against buying gig tickets off of the likes of Amazon or Ebay, for not only are you taking the risk of the tickets being bogus, you’ll also be out of pocket by sometimes upwards of 1000% of the actual ticket value.

His new single, Sweet Creature, however, has come under fire because it strikes a glaring similarity to the Beatles song Blackbird with many fans saying they thought it was in plagiarism territory.

The song is set to be a commercial success after his debut solo single hit number 4 in the Billboard charts, and number 1 in the UK charts.

His album, which is yet to be released, is highly anticipated, with pre orders pouring in, making him one of the most successful solo artists of the year so far.

Unfortunately for Harry however, tracks that he has released already have been criticized for sounding very similar to other artist’s songs, and stating that although you can draw inspiration from other artists, there is a fine line between plagiarism and simply taking inspiration from a song, as Robbie Williams found out with Jesus in a Campervan.

In other 1D news, Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole have named their son Bear Payne, was welcomed into the world 5 weeks ago, however, fans were quick to point out the unusual name is a little unfortunate, with one Tweeter saying ‘At least they didn’t call him Window Payne’ and another stating ‘Bear Payne is something you go through at the dentist’.

Still the happy couple are thrilled with their new arrival and more than likely are well and truly settled in with their new routine of night feeds, exhaustion and general fussing that comes when you have a new born baby.

Hopefully all will go swimmingly for the loved up pair as the embark on this very exciting new adventure, though given Cheryl’s track record on husbands, it may not be a good idea to tie the knot just yet, though as the pair have been part of the world’s biggest boy and girl groups, should they collaborate on some music, we can guarantee it will be of the highest quality.