Sir Ian McKellen has spoken out about rape claims in Hollywood, and has said what a lot of us have been thinking. Basically, a lot of actresses and actors are willing to sleep their way up the ladder to land roles.

No different to the cliché of the secretary sleeping with the boss, he has said that a lot of the rape and sexual harassment claims which are in some cases older than their careers are bogus, or they are trying to reignite their careers.

Now rape is not a trivial matter, nor is it something to be brushed aside, but a lot of the celebrities coming out with the #metoo hash tag are hardly innocent, and it’s getting to a point where we’re on a witch hunt.

Jimmy Saville was a monster, truly, a vile human being who would stop at nothing to get his kicks. But in defence, people have come forward complaining of him abusing them, yet they weren’t even born at the time of the alleged offences.

Corey Feldman claims to have been sexually assaulted by that many men that he’s practically God’s gift. Sorry, but you can’t physically be in two places at the same time. Get over yourself.

It’s common knowledge, to get up the ladder, you have to make sacrifices, be that losing out on your time, making commitments to things you don’t want to do, or sleeping with the boss, and these things only seem to reappear when someone wants to reignite their career or to get cash.

Very few work their way up the ladder without having to sacrifice something, and those that don’t have to do this are not only lucky but also few and far between.

So let’s look at the facts here, Kevin Spacey, although guilty in the eyes of the media, physically cannot have sexually abused so many people, especially when he wasn’t even there when the incident happened.

Harvey Weinstein, who is very guilty, couldn’t have touched some of the women he’s said to have touched because a) he never worked with them, and b) he wasn’t there. Unless his lecherous hands have stretching arms to reach most of the way across America, it’s a physical impossibility.

Furthermore, why did people not speak up earlier? Why keep it locked away until now?

We have a complete witch hunt going on, and everyone from Leonardo Dicaprio to Jonny Depp are in the firing line because every single person they have shaken hands with suddenly could turn around and say that they were sexually abused by them.

I’m not surprised that the likes of Jennifer Laurence refuses to take photos with fans, or to even touch them, because 10 years from now, she could be accused of sexually harassing one of them, and then the whole bandwagon starts again.

To those that have been sexually assaulted, I apologize for being so blunt, but to those who are claiming it did happen when it didn’t, shame on you, because you’re dragging out everyones misery.