Over the years, Taylor has had more than her fill of dalliances, and that’s just the noticeable ones, a whopping 27 in fact! Add onto the 8 (yes, 8!) celebrities that we know of, it’s really no wonder why she was trolled on twitter by a (we think) unstable woman comparing her vagina to a poorly packed ham baguette.

The problem the Taylor Swift has is that she seems to need to go through heartache of writing songs that make us want to slit our own wrists and get her to the top of the charts.

There is no doubting that she is a talented and beautiful young woman, but with so many failed relationships, all lasting no longer than a few months, and in under 10 years, men are backing away from her, fearing that they’ll be the next ‘inspiration’ of her next heart breaking Woe, Woe is Me song.

It can be said that a few failed relationships are expected in anyone’s life, famous or not, however, 8 celeb relationships in 8 years (and in those 8 years she spent on average 9 months single at a time), Taylor seriously needs to look at her attitude towards her partners. It surely can’t be simple coincidence that even Harry Styles, the Golden Boy of pop who can do no wrong, and Tom Hiddleston, one of the nicest men you could ever meet called it a day.

To have irreconcilable differences with 8 very different people, from all walks of life (not to mention the 27 before she was famous, making 35), there are some serious issues that need to be addressed. But we don’t actually know what they are, and I don’t think she does.

On images seen of her on the red carpet, she is always immaculately turned out, however, something about her posture and smirk in these images suggest she is quite narcissistic, and also quite spoiled and unused to not getting her own way.

Basically, it would appear she is a diva who is trying her hardest to be on a par with Mariah Carey. It is well known that her demands (at times) can be quite, well, demanding, but there’s a big difference between asking for a specific brand of bottled water and demanding for that specific brand of bottled water be decanted into a crystal decanter only half way up and served in a crystal whiskey glass with a block of ice measuring no more than a ½ inch across.

That said however, she has done a lot of good, but, she never makes these acts known, such as the 50,000+ books she’s donated to schools, or the song Ronan, which she wrote in memory of a 4 year old boy who died of cancer and proceeded to donate all proceeds to cancer charities. Why does she not tell us about these amazing and heartfelt things?

Instead all we ever hear about her is who she is dating, and questioning how long it will last, and what will the title of the next song be?

So, does Taylor, who says she doesn’t discuss her private life in public (but openly does), really have the option of her love life not being discussed?