Let’s rewind 15 years. Britney and Christina were at the height of their game, and both had decided to ditch the Disney Good Girl Look, with one going down the route of a more grungy, less teen-bop type of pop and more adult pop, while the other reinvented herself as a much more sexualized and provocative incarnation of herself in both her music and her image.

Both have caused controversy over the years, with 45 minute marriages in Vegas, Banned or Heavily Cut videos, that 3 way kiss with Madonna, one shaving her head during a very public 18 month meltdown, the other one having a mouth like a sewer.

Then we have the countless other stars in recent years who have spent more time in rehab for various issues, be it alcohol, drugs, depression (though we don’t condemn that one), stress and eating disorders. It seems that fame gradually poisons the mind.

Myley Cyrus showed us that one when she ditched the Hannah Montana look and reinvented herself as a sex crazed nymphomaniac at the tender age of 19.

Lindsay Lohan virtually destroyed her career with constant bad press, turning up to set late and either hung-over or still drunk. Constantly dropping lines because she hadn’t rehearsed her scripts and generally just being a nightmare to work with.

Boys, you’re not getting off scott free either. Johnny Depp was revealed to have been a nightmare actor for his antics, as well as Russell Crowe, Charlie Sheen and Christian Bale.

Though we’re not focusing on the boys here, as teenage boys don’t tend to try and model themselves on actors, while girls do tend to try and partially mould themselves to be more like their idol.

Now, back to Jennifer. At 27 she is THE powerhouse in Hollywood, but unlike a lot of the other female stars out there, she has managed to keep a pretty clean image. Even being quoted as saying ‘I’m excited to be seen as sexy. But not slutty’. Showing that she has a sense of self worth which sees to be in very short supply on the celebrity circuit.

She also has a very can do attitude, even if it means she regrets it afterwards, like when she did all of her own stunts on The Hunger Games. Incidentally, she said she wouldn’t do them all again. But, in fairness, she did all of them herself with a grit that a lot of younger divas feel are too difficult for them.

We have never seen her out in public drunk, doing drugs, smoking or attacking paps or ignoring fans, and within reason she tries to accommodate them all (Bieber, we’re looking at you. We’ll never let you live down Spitting at your fans).

She is also a keen advocate for fairness and justice, and is a firm believer in equal rights.

So yes, in previous interviews she did come across as a little juvenile, but for God’s sake, she was in her 20’s.

Teenage girls if any of you are reading this, aim to be more like Jennifer Lawrence, not like one of the girls twerking in a video next to whoever next big rapper is going to be.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.