Kenny Goss seems to be milking the death of George Michael for all its worth by selling yet another story to the media, not only detailing every sordid detail of what should have been kept purely private, but also publicly slams him both in under 500 words.

Goss, an American national who has an upmarket art gallery, explained that they were in an ‘open relationship’ for 15 years and would talk about their other lovers, to the point where Goss would allegedly tell George he’d ‘heard enough’.

Also after the embarrassment of being caught cruising for sex on Hampstead Heath, it is also said that ‘that was a normal part of our relationship’.

He has also lifted the lid on their breakup, saying that alcohol and drugs were a big factor in the break up, though admitted that George was the ‘love of his  life’

This comes just 5 months after George Michael was found dead in his home on Christmas day in 2016. His string of many lovers all paid their respects via social media,  however, only 2 of them have sold their stories to the media to try and cash in on what is a very sad situation for not only his family, but for his fans also who saw him as a type of demi-god.

Now we aren’t condoning what he did was right, cruising for sex in public is not only illegal it’s highly dangerous, especially for gay men, who are more likely to partake in risky behaviour, putting their own health at risk, but also risking their lives for muggings, rapes and murders are on the rise against gay men in the UK.

However, Goss should have kept these explicit and very personal experiences to himself simply out of respect, if not for George then his friends and family, who no doubt will still be getting over the shock and the grief they feel after his very sad and shocking death.

George was quoted on many occasions discussing his sex life, for he was an open book, however, these details were for him, and him alone to tell, not for a former lover who is trying to cash in on his death and divulge what isn’t his to say.

There is a general etiquette about discussing those that have passed away, and that is you can talk about them all you like, funny stories, memories and general trivial things that don’t matter, for example, someone drinking the milk from the carton, or putting empty bottles back in the fridge.

These are harmless and comical things, discussing someone’s sex life in so much detail it could be turned into an erotic novel is not only in the poorest of taste, but is also an insult to someone’s legacy which they have left on the world.

So shame on you Kenny Goss, you’ve got your cash, but you’ve sold your soul and hopefully Michael will never forgive you for the gross breach of trust.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.