Toby Smith, keyboardist for 1990’s pop sensation Jamiroquai has passed away following a secret battle with cancer. He leaves behind his wife and children who were at his side in his final moments. The handsome musician joined the band in 1992 and worked on hits Virtual Insanity and Deeper Underground before leaving the band to spend more time with his family.

It is not known when he was diagnosed however Jay Kay mentioned that they though he was in remission and fighting it, leading people to speculate this was a long term illness.

During his career, Toby was not only successful, but illustrious for his very unique way of working. He went on to create his own studio and had a nearly obsessive demand for perfection, often making artists go over the same tracks time and time again until he had the finished raw track exactly as he wanted it.

Such devotion to his work is a rare quality, and one that will be sadly missed.

If there is one thing that can be said about Toby’s career, is it was most certainly successful, with several top 10 hits and a Film Title Number, his talent and creativity was not only on a par with the likes of George Michael and Freddy Mercury, it surpassed artists who have limited musical knowledge and are literally one hit wonders who will fade into obscurity in a few months.

His unique style of composing, usually manipulating sounds to get just the right balance made him the go to man for unusual and unique audio, popular now with the likes of Christina, Britney, 1 Direction and Little Mix.

As men tend to get checked for Cancer, we implore you to speak to your doctor at the first sign of something that is wrong or go whole hog and have a full MOT. Your doctor will not mind, or care if you show them a rash or a lump that has sprouted overnight. If anything, they will appreciate it more as catching it early is not only life saving, but is also cash saving which ultimately frees up cash to save more lives.

On another note, if you’re going to do the whole MOT thing, checking into the STI clinic may also be a good idea. A lot of people actually aren’t immunized against Hepatitis, which is not a pleasant thing to have, but it isn’t really routinely given unless you’re in a ‘high risk’ category. You will also find that STI nurses and doctors are far more thorough than your GP due to time limits, and they may find something your GP doesn’t, especially if it’s Prostate (yes ladies, men do have the equivalent to the smear, and it’s is not pleasant!) or Penile related.

It is also a good idea once every 12 months to just go whole hog and get everything checked, from blood pressure to bowel movements to ensure that your body is working as it should, for should anything be a little off, it can be nipped in the bud before something more sinister starts spreading.

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