Diva Mariah Carey stormed off stage during a New Year’s Eve performance to crowds in Times Square after issues with her lip-sync track.

The superstar singer stomped around the stage saying she was “trying to be a good sport,” adding that there were vocals missing from the track she was singing along to. She was calling out to officials to switch monitors on, before saying: “I wanted a holiday too, can’t I just have one.”

After her second song finished, she hit out: “Bring the feathers, it just don’t get any better.” During the set, she said she was just going to let the audience sing, and she frequently passed the microphone to members of the audience in the front row.

The technical difficulties eventually became too much for her and she eventually stomped off the stage. It is understood that the wrong song was playing and that Mariah could not hear what she was supposed to be singing. However, she appeared to take what had happened in her stride, posting later on Instagram that “s*** happens”.

Crowd still loving it

ABC host Ryan Seacrest tried to brush off what was happening on stage, saying: “Mariah Carey there, on our stage. No matter what Mariah does, the crowd absolutely loves it.”

Organisers had been worried all day about whether Mariah would turn up at all. The singing superstar was the top guest for Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve. She should have brought in 2017, as the famous Waterford Crystal dropped in New York at the stroke of midnight.

However, organisers began to get worried when they realised that Mariah’s team seemed to be unaware of the annual ceremony, according to reports. A team of producers were tasked with making sure that she got there on time. As many as two million people had thronged to the area, surrounded by a ring of dumper trucks filled with sand, and 7,000 police, to guard revellers against terror attacks.



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