Jennifer Lopez, 47, and fellow musician Drake, 30, seem to have confirmed they are in a relationship by sharing a love-up image on both of their Instagram pages.

The couple added no caption to their photo, but it died seem to indicate they were going public with their romance. Their Instagram snap comes just a day after Drake’s former on-off love Rihanna, 28, unfollowed her love rival.

Mother of two J-Lo posted the image first. She can be seen snuggling into a hug from her beau, as Drake stares into the camera looking like the cat that got the cream.

Rumours about a potential romance between the two started earlier this month when Drake went to two of Jenny from the Block’s concerts in Las Vegas on consecutive nights. He also hosted an exclusive party which she attended. J-Lo and Rihanna had previously been friends, but Rihanna seems to have indicated that she feels the “girl code” has been broken, and has unfollowed Jennifer on social media.


Jennifer and Rihanna have been friends for a number of years. Earlier this year, Rihanna gave J-Lo a pair of blue boots from her design collaboration with Manolo Blahnik, saying that Jennifer was “the baddest” and adding that she was giving her fellow musician the present because “I know you’re gonna wear them better than me!” The mutual love-in continued when Jennifer wore the boots for a music video, and then Rihanna thanked her for wearing the designs.

Rihanna and Drake first met a decade ago when she was just starting her pop career. They were then linked romantically in 2009 when they were spotted kissing, and they collaborated together musically a year later with What’s My Name. Rihanna then appeared in Drake’s music video for Take Care in 2012.

While they split, Rihanna and Drake were understood to have got back together earlier this year when Drake supported her on a number of tour dates.

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