It has emerged that a mystery hacker has been trying to extort money from Netflix. Going by the name ‘The Dark Overlord’, he has threatened to release the whole of season 5 of the popular show onto the internet unless his demands are met.

There are speculations that the demands range from 5000 – 10000 in Bitcoin the online digital currency, however, the exact amount is not known, nor is the reason for the taking the show hostage which should be released in June.

The culprit claims that they have hacked several small studios and distributors however we believe this is all just words trying to get money.

If the footage is released, there will be huge issues for Netflix, as whenever they don’t make their subscription quota or their predictions, the share price plummets, which also leads us to believe, if this is actually true, it could either be a disgruntled former employee, or someone hoping to make a dint in the share price to then buy shares at a reduced rate, similar to insider trading.

The series, for those of you who don’t know it, focuses around several groups of female inmates at a low security prison. It is a Docudrama/Comedy with a lot of awards. It proved to be highly popular with the LGBT community due to its heavy reliance on lesbian relationships, bisexuality, transgender issues including transphobia and general homophobia and biphobia displayed by some of the more unsavoury characters.

Orange is the new black is certainly a show to watch, simply for the funny anecdotes and the tender way some issues are dealt with. You will also find the soundtrack to be quite bewitching. This is also a series that looks set to continue for many years with another 2 seasons already signed up for so you’ll have plenty of catching up to do.

The Associated Press contacted ‘The Dark Overlord’ however, were left unimpressed with their response that ‘no one cares about unreleased material’.

We are currently unsure whether the authorities are taking further action, or whether the FBI is looking into this, however, as this is such a serious breach, we wouldn’t be surprised if every cyber crime unit in the country is looking in to this, and how such a break in could occur on a website which handles millions of peoples banking details every single day.

As mentioned above, this could also be a ploy to crash Netflix share values so The Dark Overlord can acquire some for far less than they are currently. There is also the very real possibility this is the work of a disgruntled employee hoping to make his employers suffer at their hand.

The other possibility, which is more likely the truest one, is this is a marketing ploy from Netflix to give the show a little notoriety, and make it more interesting to people that don’t watch it to actually subscribe to Netflix and binge on box set after box set prior to the release of season 5 in June.