It has been claimed that filming the latest instalment of The Pirates of the Caribbean film was somewhat difficult due to Johnny Depp’s behaviour, including excessive drinking, turning up late and full on fights with his then wife, Amber Heard.

Filming, which took place on the Gold Coast, Australia, was sometimes 4 or 5 hours behind schedule due to Johnny walking onto set late. However, all is not as it seems with Jack Sparrow, for these behaviours are actually well documented in couples that are either on the rocks, or are in the middle of divorce. All you have to do is look at Brad Pitt, the same pattern is there.

It doesn’t help, that not only is the schedule for Pirates of the Caribbean extremely demanding, the location meant Johnny was away from home for long periods at a time, which no doubt put a certain amount of additional strain onto their already troubled marriage.

An anonymous source said ‘Everyone was an innocent bystander watching this train wreck’.

To make matters worse for the couple, Amber Heard arrived in Australia with their 2 dogs after falsifying quarantine records, causing significant legal issues due to Australia having the strictest quarantine laws in the world.

Sean Bailey said of the entire filming, that Johnny would turn up late, have physical fights with his now ex-wife and was drinking heavily. Though, this only seemed to start happening after Amber showed up with the 2 dogs and the falsified document.

Sources also claim that Johnny’s rented mansion was under surveillance by a member of the production crew and that as soon as they saw a light turn on, they would call the set to let them know that he was up and on his way.

However, there is also something we have to question, why did Amber Heard travel all the way to Australia to visit a husband whom she not only had bad blood with, but also intended on divorcing?  It seems that she isn’t quite the sweet and charming ‘Rose’ she likes to portray herself as, and deliberately ignited Johnny’s already short fuse to ensure that as bad a picture as possible was painted of him and to also sabotage the film’s release (which went wild in the press) to try and claim even more in a divorce settlement which was eventually settled out of court.

Another interesting thing, is that she actually LOST money in the divorce while trying to take him to the cleaners, something which, seems a little like Karma, and whether you like Depp or not, no one deserves to have their divorce thrown around the world like a cheap football for the entire world to see and practically salivate over the latest sordid details.

Since the divorce, Amber Heard has not been seen nor heard from really, and all we can think is that Hollywood have gotten wise to her true colours and are reluctant to employ her, or anyone connected to her for fears she could have a (much more violent) Taylor Swift effect.

Published by Sara O'Connell

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