Alice Eve has caused a bit of a storm on Instagram thanks to her choice of hair style. While in Jamaica, the blonde beauty decided to have her hair put into corn rows, which can take hours, however, within minutes she was accused of ‘cultural appropriation’, with many racist comments being made about ‘white women shouldn’t have corn rows’ and ‘You take what you like from us, but don’t get the pain that went into it’.

The Star Trek: Into Darkness star was in Jamaica for a holiday and opted for the traditional hair style. She is only the latest of celebrities to face the back lash of the liberal left, Black Lives Matter extremists who seem to believe that things only work one way, yet praise Beyonce for wearing blue contact lenses and having hair that is bleached blonde and chemically relaxed, making it appear more like European White hair as oppose to her African-American heritage.

Brooklyn Beckham was recently blasted for having a native Indian Chief tattoo, with people calling it disrespectful, yet the very people themselves have photos on their Instagram of their own tribal tattoos, oriental letters and other ‘indigenous’ designs from other cultures.

This leads us to question, has the pendulum swung too far the other way? Throughout the ages, braids have been used by many cultures, especially in the times of Mozart where the wigs would rival Marie Antoinette, and the braids provided a decent foundation of support when pinning wigs into place so they wouldn’t slip or droop.

Kate Moss’s daughter was also criticized by trolls for promoting Selfridge’s Braid Bar, with people saying they only ever use white models for the style.

Enough is enough when it comes to this obsession of cultural hijacking. It’s hair. You can cut it, style it, braid it, colour it any way you like. However, if people are going to jump on the cultural appropriation band wagon, tell stars like Beyonce, Rhianna and Queen Latifa to lay off the bleach and relaxers and we’ll tell stars like Cher, Madonna and Katy Perry to lay off the dark hair dyes and perms.

Putting it like that sounds a bit stupid doesn’t it? But cultural appropriation works both ways, as does racism. If someone wants to wear their hair in a certain style, they can, we aren’t in North Korea where you have the choice of 10 pre approved hairstyles to choose from.

If you want to wear your hair in a certain style, then do it, but don’t be a hypocrite and bleach your hair blonde, relax it and then complain when a white woman has corn rows or an afro perm. And a little tit bit of information, corn rows are actually ideal in very hot climates as the heat from your head isn’t trapped in the hair making you hotter and hotter. Also, the braids could have actually been for a tight curl, similar to when your mum put rags in your hair.