You know you a boss, when you owe the IRS $5.6 million. Well, maybe you’re just not good at managing money. This is the current issue for the self-proclaimed “Boss of Hip Hop”, Rick Ross. If you’ve ever heard a song from the famous artist, you already know that he doing big things. This means he has the Maybach. He also has his own imprint, Maybach Music, and even has a mini-mansion (thanks to the MTV tour of his home). With designer shades and top of the line jewelry, you can easily see why he gives himself that title.

Where Did the Boss Go Wrong?

There is one title that the boss doesn’t want to have, and that is “owing the government”. It has been reported that the IRS searched Ross’ taxes, between 2012 and 2014. After calculation, it was discovered that in 2012, $4.6 million was owed to the IRS. TMZ surfaced documents that showed he also owed approximately $500,000 for 2013 and 2014. After these number were discovered, the IRS issued a tax lien. This could put an end to riding in the luxury sedan. He still may be able to drive a Cadillac for the time being, which is left to be seen.


While dealing with his financial woes, it hasn’t done much to stop Ross’ from working. In actuality, it is important that he works to pay his debts. One of Ross’ most recent projects is a collaboration that he did with Solange. The song is a hit single titled, “Cranes in the Sky”. This song is centered on an individual, who knows that they have a problem and instead of dealing with it directly, they try to do any and everything to indirectly deal with the problem. It is one of those songs that has a hidden message, when you least expect it.