The weather forecast for the 2017 Royal Ascot race meeting is glorious, and not only will Her Majesty The Queen have an enjoyable time in the sun, but so will the hundreds of thousands of other race goers who are going to pack the viewing areas and the betting ring of course!

One aspect of Royal Ascot that you will need to be aware of if you have pencilled in a few horses to bet on, is that many online an mobile Sportsbooks and betting sites always shower first time customer of their respective betting sites and betting apps with some of the most generous sign up bonuses when this race meeting is on.

As such there is a lot of value to be had if you are prepared to shop around and sign up to as many betting sites as you possibly can do! One of the most commonly given away sign up betting site bonuses are free bets, and as such you will often find your very first bet you place on Royal Ascot at any site you have just signed up to will qualify you for another bet of the same value.

However, what you should try and do is secure the highest possible odds on whichever horse or horses you want to bet on, and much like when you are hunting for new betting sites to become a customer of you should also shop around and compare the odds available on each race too, for as sure as night follows day each betting site will be offering different odds!

Unlike many other Race meetings held in the UK you do also need to be aware that there is a very strict dress code at Royal Ascot, and as such if you are planning on going to the racecourse you will be best advised to watch the above video so you know how you will be required to dress when visiting the course!

You are going to be able to place all manner of standard and very unique bets and wagers on Royal Ascot this year, but one of the ageless and very popular bets and certainly one of the more unusual ones is to try and predict the colour of the outfit The Queen will be wearing on any given day of the meeting!

If you have never bet on a horse in your life before but you do fancy doing so, then consider placing something known as an Each Way bet. That bet comes in two halves and as such if you for example stake 1.00 each way the bet will cost you 2.00 in total!

What you will need to do is to pick out one horse when placing such a bet and if you horse finishes in first position in its race you will get paid out the full odds on your first 1.00 part of the bet and the second 1.00 covers your horse finishing in one of the first few places of that race!