The most expensive house in Beverley Hills has hit the market, for a cool 100 million dollars, and to ensure that the buyer’s interests are peaked, a raunchy video advertising it has been released.

Designed by Nial Niami, who has worked on projects for the likes of P Diddy, he is also responsible for the X rated ad campaign featuring scantily clad women painted in gold, seductively gyrating with champagne, writhing on the bed and posing seductively with a gold Lamborghini, which is also included in the price!

it seems the  only thing to not come with the house are the girls who at one point during the ad look as if they are about to take part in a game that makes 50 Shades of Grey look positively tame.

The house comes with a champagne cellar, fully stocked of course. Offering 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, this house looks to be perfect for entertaining for the super rich, or as the setting for one of 50 Cent’s music videos!

The house has commanding views over Beverley Hills and also offers swimming pools, outdoor entertainment areas. Simply named Opus, as in the Musical term meaning one of many, this seems to be the architect’s latest project before moving onto another one.

At 100 million dollars, alas we mere mortals will never be able to afford, but we can wish!

The advertisement is meant to be a modern day telling of the story of Cleopatra, complete with Ladies in Waiting and generally showing pure opulence, however, we can’t help but think that this ad is a blatant rip off of the J’adore fragrance for women by Dior, which sees Charlize Theron gradually removing layers of clothing (all in gold) before being whisked away in a gold ribbon.

The only difference between this ad and the Dior ad, was Dior had the sense to cut it in such a way it could be broadcast before the 9pm watershed, while this ad looks like it should have a guest spot on an adult pay per view channel.

Though, that said, with such commanding views of Beverley Hills and a whopping 20,500sqft of space, you’ll certainly be hard pressed to lose money on this house.

With the current housing market in Beverley Hills, we reckon that although the value of the house itself won’t rise, we do think the value of the land it occupies will, making this a highly lucrative investment, especially if permission is granted to split the land and create two smaller mansions and sell them off that way to make a rather handsome profit.

The Mansion, Opous, is currently listed on the market for 100 million dollars with the luxury estate agent, Hilton & Hyland and is expected to sell quickly and possibly even for more than the stated value if more than one buyer is interested, thus starting a bidding war for the house. Be sure to keep checking it out, for we are sure that it will be snapped up!