It’s a busy year for Stephen King this year, and it’s generally been a busy few years for him after the re-imaging of Carrie, while The Mist, The Talisman and even The Stand are all in discussion. IT is due to be released in September, and The Dark Tower is due to also hit the big screen the month prior.

As Stephen is a perfectionist, and wants his novels movie counterparts to be perfect, he is heavily involved in the making of them, though not quite fully directing, he does point things out to writers and directors things that aren’t quite right.

Starring Matthew McConaughey as The Man in Black, and Jackie Earle Healey as Sayre, there are a number of pretty big names involved, making this move adaptation a highly anticipated film as the amount of talent in the movie is astronomical.

Similar to his other works, it is a horror/scifi/drama/comedy (as the entire series is over 4,750 pages, you can get all the genres in there!) and will heavily rely on traditional filming techniques as opposed to subpar CGI (think how Wes Craven did A Nightmare on Elm Street).

There are also going to be plenty of twists and turns, and we could be in for a real treat if this is a success and end up with a Harry Potter type franchise with 7 or 8 instalments.

IT’s release is also creeping forward (too slowly in our opinion!), and we are hoping that this sleek, streamlined and sadistic clown is going to be more terrifying than ever.

Although Tim Curry was great as IT, there were major parts of the book that were missed out in the script (more than likely due to finances), but as things have got cheaper, hopefully this new adaptation will feature many more aspects from the book, but will also, like Carrie 2013, be updated to make it more relevant to newer audiences, with the introduction of Social Media, Mobile Phones and just generally make small tweaks so it’s more accessible to  younger audiences, who, if born after the year 2000, won’t know what a Walkman is.

The trailer for IT is truly terrifying, and as we never truly know what IT is in the book, there is a lot of room for the writers and director to play around and we just hope that they have the sense to not take their artistic licence too far, as there is a fine line between making a movie adaptation and simply ripping off someone’s character and creating a completely different story, but simply use the names of the original characters.

Remember to set the dates for the releases of Dark Tower and IT, as we reckon you’re going to have a pretty good few months of Stephen King releases coming your way in the near future, especially if The Talisman is made, for Black House is the follow up book so that’s another 2 films to also keep an eye out for.