I’ve got my naughty and nice list, and as it’s been such an explosive year, from half of the parliamentary cabinet being caught doing various unusual things to Prince Harry finally finding ‘the one’. It has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs for the UK, be that ripples from overseas, or things closer to home. Here are my lists, and obviously, the reasons why they are on there.


Ariana Grande: After the suicide bombing at her gig at the Manchester Arena, formerly the MEN Arena, Ariana Grande could have easily taken a long break from her career and essentially become a hermit. Instead, at the tender age of 24, she conducted herself impeccably, pulled every string she could and threw the One Love concert, raising millions for those affected.

JK Rowling: She hasn’t really done much since Harry Potter, however, the author is prolific on Social Media and she will shout down bullies for their actions. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, woman shaming. The woman’s fingers can practically drip venom when she sees something unjust.

Also, she is the modern day Shakespeare, and still has children wanting to read, not being forced to. That all in itself is a huge achievement.

Amanda Holden: She doesn’t do much really, she judges on Britain’s got Talent and goes home to lead a pretty normal life. But, despite her nearly dying every other week, she does come out with pearls of wisdom, and not the luvvy type. This month she said what I’ve been thinking for donkey’s years. Antibiotics are not a cure all. Good diet and riding things out are the best way, and that Antibiotics are a last resort. Save the NHS some money.

All Public Sector workers: Police, Fire, Army, NHS. From cleaners to directors, you make the systems work in a mostly thankless job. People don’t realize that if it wasn’t for the grunts, the entire operation would go down the pan. Thank you.


Donald Trump: I’m in 2 minds about him, but he is on this list for one reason. He’s a jerk who uses social media like a 14 year old. Seriously Mr. Trump, don’t mix up your presidency (job) and private life. You can’t seriously do both at the same time.

Kim Jong Un: Dictator threatening the world with nukes. Need I say anything else?

Tony Blair: Former UK Prime Minister, not bad looking, generally a good public speaker and can sell snow to the Eskimos. However, it has been revealed that although he didn’t outright lie, he misled the government countless times, from open borders to the war in Afghan, sending thousands of men and women to their deaths in a war that was never really ours to fight.

Taylor Swift: She may be a lovely woman, and I know she does do things for others, but seriously, if I have to hear one more bloody song about love that’s lost, I’ll crack. In the last 5 years, she’s had more relationships than Kim Kardashian has taken selfies. Get a grip woman.