Viewers of the most watched UK soap opera that being Coronation Street were left sickened and uncomfortable after the Bethany Platt storyline took an even more sinister turn, as she is introduced to a THIRD man in the grooming plot.

It has been revealed that the plot is only going to get darker and darker after already featuring one rape. The storyline is one that is upsetting many viewers much more so as something of this nature is being shown before the UK watershed, which is a 9pm time line before which no graphic scenes are to be shown on television.

This storyline has similarities to real life sex related crimes involving several organized sex gangs that were foiled up and down the UK, in which groups of men were trying to groom young girls and women to pass around like a piece of meat.

The main reason the Coronation Street have developed this story line for Bethany Platt is because grooming is an increasing problem in the UK, with gangs of men and sometimes women forcing these vulnerable and impressionable girls into group sex, prostitution, drugs, alcohol and essentially treating them like sex slaves that should obey their masters.

Speaking on Loose Women, Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany, spoke out against the critics, explaining that it is important that young people be exposed to this so they can better spot the signs of this type of person and seek help from the appropriate authorities.

After the Rotherham scandal, it was revealed that one of the girls, who was then underage, fell pregnant and was forced by one of the men to undergo a termination. She didn’t even know which of them was actually the father.

It is unfortunately a way of the world, especially now with knife and gun crime up, gang crime up, grooming up, the spread of social media and the likes of snapchat, our children, nieces, nephews, neighbors kids need to wise up to the perils of our not so pleasant modern society and the dark underbelly of what can happen if you naively walk in to the clutches of these monsters and how hard it is to escape.

The NSPCC recently reported that abuse is on the rise, however they do believe that this is more due to the fact people are coming forward more now than ever, and it is thanks to these gritty plots that Soaps do that makes these young people snap out of their trance like state and realize just what is actually happening and how wrong it really is.

This isn’t the first time Coronation Street has landed itself in hot water, however, as Soaps are meant to depict the extremes of what real people could face in everyday life, they continue to write increasingly dark and harrowing plot lines for their characters to best get people immersed into the plot, and to also hopefully make someone in the same situation see the situation from the outside.

We encourage anyone with concerns to contact the local authorities, for early action is the key to preventing more serious and long term damage, mentally, physically and emotionally.