I doesn’t really matter whether you’re a foreigner or just an out of Towner. Your first visit to Vegas will always be memorable. From the lights and sounds coming from the casinos, to the hustle and bustle in the street. You’ll be hard pushed not to be slightly overwhelmed by it all and discovering all kinds of hidden nooks and crannies.

You’ve got shows galore, some of the biggest, most elaborate buildings in the world, celebrities, and more Elvis impersonators than you can shake a stick at. You’ll even find shows for all the family to enjoy.

Vegas isn’t really a place for kids, especially if you’re on the strip, however, there are quite a few family friendly things to do, such as exploring the shopping district, where you’ve got designer shops, dollar stores, thrift shops, art galleries, and local traders.

For the adults 21+, there are bars, restaurants, burlesque shows, strip clubs, casinos and a whole host of exciting things to explore.

As wonderful as Vegas is, however, there is a dark underbelly to Sin City which you should be on the lookout for, as with gambling, there are always problem gamblers, petty crime, drugs and prostitution. There are also no shortage of loan sharks, dealers, pickpockets and general debauchery when the sun goes down.

It is always recommended when visiting my home from home, that you either carry a pre paid credit card that you can top up, or you carry as little cash as possible. The same can also be said about your passport, as the last thing you want is to lose your passport and then be stuck there and need to contact the embassy for an emergency one (which doesn’t come cheap).

We think it’s common sense to make the most out of the hotel safes, however, some people fail to do that, and put themselves at risk of being robbed. If at all possible, use the safes provided and keep your pin number safe.

If you need to, the hotel staff can make previsions for large items that  don’t fit into the usual safes, and they will also keep luggage safe with the bell hops (for a reasonable amount of time) while you get settled.

Make the most of the comp points and the freebies on offer, and always be sure to enjoy your complimentary drinks!

Vegas is a bustling place, bursting with life, and we are sure you’ll enjoy it, be that the first time or the thousandth time you’ve stayed. Just be sure to spread you stay out and plan ahead, as there’s that much to see and do, you’ll not want to miss a thing!

If you’re planning to see and of the shows, book them through the casino as most often you will get a discount for booking direct as oppose to online.

One final point, if you’re going to try walking the entire strip, drink plenty of water as it’s a long walk, and very hot during summer!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.