It is often described as something of a guilty secret, when viewers describe watching TV Game Shows such as Big Brother, for by doing so they get to see real people, often at their most vulnerable going about their day to day life in a warts and all way!

Well the current season of Big Brother is currently underway in the UK, and already we have seen tears and tantrums and one of the contestants deciding to walk out of the house. That is all part and parcel of the “fun” to be had of watching reality game shows and that is why many people cannot resist watching them time and time again.

One offshoot industry that has been formed with the introduction of these types of television shows is gambling on the likely winner of each series, and many bookmakers in the UK have chosen to offer a betting market on every single series of Big Brother.

In fact, for the last few years a range of different gambling related companies have chosen to sponsor the show in the hope that viewers will see their advertisements ad then flock to their respective sites to gamble on whatever it is those sites have on offer by way of games of chance and/or betting and gambling opportunities.

If you have been watching this current series of Big Brother, then there is the very real likelihood you will have already formed your own opinion on just which contestants you would like to see win, and which ones you would like to see voted out of the Big Brother house!

If so then we shall now take a quick look at just what odds are currently available on several of the contestants and are being offered by some of the biggest and best known UK bookmakers and betting sites. By doing so you may be tempted to put your money down on who you would like to see winning, and if they do then you will be in the money if you have placed a bet on them!

There are three favourites so far, those being the contestants that most betting sites and bookmakers believe are going to be the most likely people to win Big Brother UK, and those are Ellie Young on offer at odds of 7/2, Chanelle McLeary at odds of 4/1 and also Raph Korine whose odds are currently around the 9/2 mark.

Those who are next in the betting include Imran Javeed at 15/2, the former Dream Boy Lotan Carter at odds of 8/1 and also Sukhvinder Javeed who many people think may just have a chance of winning at odds of some 10/1.

You will often find the people who do make good viewing are often those most likely to be booted out as many people take an instant dislike to them and as such you may fancy playing a bet on the next contestants in the betting which include Kieran Lee at odds of 12/1, Tom Barber at odds of 14/1 or the outrageous Charlotte Keys at 16/1, Joe Quaranta at odds of 16/1 or Rebecca Jane at odds of 22/1.

The three current outsiders include Deborah Agboola at odds of 25/1, Hannah Agboola at odds of 25/1 and also Kayleigh Morris who currently has the highest odds associated with her winning Big Brother UK at odds of some 33/1!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.